Top 20 Good Luck Gift Ideas – A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Perfect Gifts for Good Luck

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Sometimes, the best way to show our loved ones we believe in them and wish them success is by giving them a token of good luck. Whether they’re starting a new job, preparing for an exam, or embarking on a fresh start, a thoughtful gift can make all the difference. However, finding the right gifts for good luck can be challenging. You want the gift to be unique, memorable, and carry a little bit of luck. With that in mind, let’s explore 20 creative gifts for good luck that your loved ones will appreciate.


Choosing the perfect gift is an art. It becomes even more challenging when you’re looking for gifts that symbolize good luck. What makes a gift lucky? How can you ensure it’s thoughtful and personal? This blog post aims to guide you through the journey of finding the perfect gifts for good luck. We’ve curated a list of 20 inspiring gift ideas that not only bring good luck but also express your heartfelt wishes.

Top 20 Gifts for Good Luck

1. Four-Leaf Clover Pendant

A four-leaf clover is a universal symbol of good luck. A pendant featuring this lucky charm can be a stylish accessory, perfect for wishing someone good luck. Its design can fit almost any personal style, making it an excellent choice for a good luck gift.

2. Horseshoe Decor

Horseshoes have long been associated with good luck. A horseshoe decor piece adds a rustic charm to any space and is believed to bring good fortune. A well-designed horseshoe decor item is one of those gifts for good luck that can also double as a chic home decor piece.

3. Lucky Bamboo Plant

Symbolizing luck and prosperity in Feng Shui, the lucky bamboo plant is a versatile gift. It’s a low-maintenance plant and can bring a touch of nature into any living space. This makes it a perfect good luck gift, especially for friends or family moving into a new home or starting a new phase in life.

4. Personalized Fortune Cookie

Why not mix a little fun with luck? A personalized fortune cookie allows you to send a custom good luck message. It’s a unique and playful way to wish someone good luck, making it one of the most memorable gifts for good luck.

5. Dreamcatcher

A beautifully designed dreamcatcher not only adds to the aesthetic of a room but is also believed to ward off negative energies and bad dreams. Gifting a dreamcatcher can show your caring nature and wishes for the recipient’s good fortune.

6. Inspirational Book

Sometimes, words can be incredibly powerful. A good book filled with inspirational stories or motivational quotes can be the perfect boost of luck and motivation your loved one needs to overcome challenges. This makes it a thoughtful good luck gift for someone facing a big test, a job interview, or other major life events.

7. Lucky Elephant Charm

Elephants, especially with their trunks raised, are considered symbols of good luck, strength, and wisdom. A charming elephant bracelet or pendant could make a great gift, showcasing your good wishes and adding a stylish touch to their accessory collection.

8. Customized Good Luck Candle

A candle can create a soothing ambiance, and with a personalized good luck message, it can be a perfect gift. Choose a candle with a calming scent like lavender or jasmine, and personalize it with a message that wishes them good luck.

9. Motivational Quote Wall Art

A beautifully framed motivational quote can serve as a constant reminder of their capabilities, bringing them good luck vibes. Choose a quote that aligns with their personality and challenges to make it a personalized good luck gift.

10. Evil Eye Jewelry

The evil eye symbol is believed to ward off bad luck and negative energies. A delicate evil eye bracelet or necklace could be a fashionable and luck-inducing gift, making it one of the trendiest gifts for good luck.

The list goes on, with each gift idea as thoughtful and unique as the last, including gemstone bracelets, lucky penny keychains, good luck socks, lucky lottery tickets, and more.

11. Crystal Grid

Crystal grids utilize the power of various crystals to manifest specific intentions. You could create a grid for good luck with stones like aventurine, tiger’s eye, or jade.

12. Pocket Angel

A small angel figurine that fits in a pocket can be a lovely symbol of protection and good fortune, bringing comfort and reassurance throughout the day.

13. Acorn Necklace

In Nordic folklore, acorns are symbols of good luck. An acorn necklace can be a subtle, stylish, and lucky gift.

14. Saint Christopher Medal

In many traditions, Saint Christopher is regarded as the patron saint of travelers. A medal of Saint Christopher could serve as a good luck charm for those embarking on journeys.

15. Good Luck Knot

In Chinese culture, the good luck knot symbolizes good luck, harmony, and prosperity. This intricate ornament can serve as a unique and culturally rich good luck gift.

16. Personalized Wish Jar

A wish jar filled with handwritten good luck wishes and motivational quotes can be a heartfelt and personalized gift. The recipient can draw a message from the jar whenever they need a boost of luck or positivity.

17. ‘Break a Leg’ Mini Boot

For someone about to perform on stage (like in a play or concert), a mini boot with a “break a leg” message can be a quirky and traditional good luck gift.

18. Custom Good Luck Illustration or Portrait

A personalized illustration or portrait with elements that symbolize good luck could be a unique and thoughtful gift. Plus, it doubles as a unique piece of art.

19. Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is a symbol of happiness, contentment, and prosperity. A small Laughing Buddha statue can serve as a good luck charm and a positive vibe in their home or workspace.

20. Feng Shui Wealth Bowl

In Feng Shui, a wealth bowl is said to attract material wealth and abundance. A beautifully arranged Feng Shui wealth bowl could serve as a unique and auspicious good luck gift.


Finding gifts for good luck may seem tricky, but with a little creativity and thought, you can find the perfect token to wish your loved ones success. Remember, the best gifts come from the heart and carry your well wishes.

With these 20 good luck gift ideas, you’re sure to find a unique way to wish your loved ones the very best of luck, whether they’re starting a new job, facing a challenging situation, or embarking on a new life adventure. Each of these gifts brings not only good luck but also the warmth and love that come from a well-chosen gift. So why wait? Start spreading good luck and positivity today!

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